Air Treatment Sector

Precision mechanics for air treatment

Our vast range of shafts for the air treatment sector has made us one of the main reference points for precision mechanics destined for this particular industry.
Our custom-made productions adapt to the ever-dynamic needs of client companies, responding promptly to even challenging technical specifications. We offer the guarantee of timely support in every phase of the project, offering diversified solutions for the different areas of application.
Our accurate internal Quality Control protocol lets us guarantee totally reliable products of excellent performance.
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Our Production

  • Shafts for “Fan-Coil” motors
  • Motor shafts for air conditioning systems
  • Motor shafts for air treatment “Electronic Energy Saving EC series”
  • Shafts for centrifugal fans
  • Shafts for axial fans
  • Compact fan shafts
  • Shafts for tangential fans
  • Shafts for air condensers with star motor fans
  • Shafts for air condensers with radial fans
  • Shafts for smoke extractors

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